Acknowledge your fear and let it go




Don’t let fear keep you prisoner from the life that you truly deserve. Trust me, I understand what it’s like living a life consumed by fear, living side by side with it day in and day out. It consumed me to the point that I was convinced if I unchained myself from it that I would lose everything and everyone.

Fear, judgment it doesn’t discriminate and it sure as hell doesn’t lighten up. Fear feeds on your emotions  leaving you feeling drained, disconnected and hopeless.

Let yourself be present with what’s up with your pain and fear. If we want to get to the root cause of these assignments and really show up for them, we have to be willing to feel the pain. When you notice yourself triggered by your spiritual assignment, breathe into the pain. By feeling the pain you allow it to pass through you. You strip away its power.  ~ Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe has your back.

You have a choice either live a life free of the restraints or remain caged. It is up to you, no one else can make that decision for you. The first step is your responsibility. But I get it, the first step is always the hardest but it’s the energies behind the fear that are holding you back. It’s almost like fear is so afraid to lose its life source which is you that it will throw every negative thought, doubt and self criticism in your direction trying desperately to keep you in its grasp. All the while your freedom is just a step away.

I held onto a secret for over twenty years, my mind had me convinced that if this secret got out that I would lose everything. I would be alone. This was further from the truth. When I was ready to unchain myself from my fear and step into my truth, I felt the layers of dread,judgement , self loathing  peel off of me and by the end I felt lighter, I felt free.

When I find myself in a place of fear, pain, hurt or anger I always acknowledge it, I allow myself to feel it and during that time instead of staying in that place of dread and self pity or whatever emotion that is causing me grief I change my outlook. Now, that isn’t always easy to do ….. there are days I want to roll around in the muck and soak in it until I’m all prune like, but I also know what would happen if I stayed too long and honestly, I really don’t feel like being fears prisoner anymore.

One can never be fully free of negative energies or emotions, we’re human. What we can do though is become self aware. Bad days happen but those moments don’t define us. Instead of beating yourself up (which is so easy to do) change the negative thoughts that are consuming your mind to something more positive.

It’s all about changing the story we tell ourselves but for some reason we give the negative thoughts more credit than the positive. Why is that? You are deserving of greatness, you’re worthy of living a life free of fear and in constant sorrow.

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