How to connect with your spirit guides


Your guides are with you from the very moment you take your first breath to the very moment you take your last.  They are here to guide and support you throughout your journey here on earth.

These beautiful (and very patient) beings of divine light (guides, ancestors, angels) are here for you. We always have a relationship with them, but it’s up to us to decide whether we want to have a dialogue with them.  It’s important to remember that we have freewill when it comes to our connection with them, they will not interfere if you don’t want them to but keep in mind, they will step in without permission when we are in danger.

I remember the day that my spirit guides stepped in and gently guided me back to a state of being hopeful instead of being in a constant state of hopelessness.  I was in a very dark place many years ago but with their patience I placed my faith in them to assist me out of the darkness.

Throughout the years, I’ve established a strong relationship with my guides but it took time. Recently, a very close friend of mine asked me how she’s suppose to go about talking to her guides, because she wanted to have the type of relationship like I do with mine. But, like I said a little bit ago… took time and patience because the biggest hurdle that I had to overcome was, trust.

Have Faith

Open your heart to the gentle whispers of your guides. Show your appreciation to them with a prayer:

Thank you divine guides, ancestors, angels for surrounding me in your goodness and light. Thank you for your constant support and guidance.

It’s important for your message to come from the heart as you begin to ask for assistance but if you simply just want to talk to them that is totally fine.

When I first began, I thought the only place they would talk to me was in a place of worship. So I drove to church, found an empty pew and sat and waited, as my eyes roamed the church looking for some sign I began to grow restless but I waited and waited some more. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to happen but frustration set in and I left.  While sitting in my car, staring at the church doubt crept in, then self loathing spilled through out my thoughts. I turned the key to the ignition and that’s when I heard in my head, “Are you kidding me? you need to have patience.” I answered the voice back as if he had been sitting right beside me…..and that’s when I found myself having a conversation with one of my more vocal guides, Christoph. I soon learned that I didn’t need to be in a church to be one with God/spirit, guides or angels. I just needed to be present whether it be in the park, by the lake, driving in my car or in my room they would show up.

Ask for signs

During my journey with my spirituality I bought so many books on spirit guides and angels and every book that I read had a very common theme, they all said to get out of the place of ego (mind) and into the state of being present most importantly, trust in them. Don’t assume that you will get your answer right away, sometimes you won’t….remember time is irrelevant to them.

If you struggle with doubt and want to see tangible evidence that they are listening then ask them for signs. You can ask to see a yellow VW bug if you are on the right path in life or if you love walking on the beach ask to see a sand dollar, or if you prefer being out in the forest, ask to see a deer or an eagle. Whatever you choose is fine. There are no rules.

Just be present

When I need to truly connect and listen for guidance I grab a journal and start writing. It’s almost like writing to a friend but that friend is right there reading over your shoulder. If you’re not much into writing than before you go to bed ask  that your answer to your question to be dealt with while you sleep. Guides and ancestors will come to us while we are sleeping to deliver whatever message we seek, it’s our job to be present and listen. When you slowly wake try to recall what you dreamt.. don’t reach for your phone and connect with the chaos of the outside world. Allow any messages from your guides to come to the forefront of your mind, write them down and reflect on the message.

Trusting your own abilities and trusting in your relationship with your guides is extremely important. In time they will reveal so much to you, but only if you ask.

Most importantly, thank them. I always give them thanks and mental hugs I honestly wouldn’t be here writing this post if it wasn’t for them.

Just remember, you are never alone they are here for you and love you more than you can ever imagine. Trust me

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