The power of owning your spirituality


There’s a misconception out there that if one is on a  spiritual path to enlightenment that they are to be expected to be “love and light” every minute of every day, drink green juice, chant mantras while sitting quietly in lotus pose all the while follow some strike unforeseen guidelines to never cuss, have an opinion other than what society deems normal or exude any type of negative emotion because if we do, then we are hypocrites to this holistic “love and light” lifestyle and will in fact be judged accordingly.

My response to that is quite simple, “Are you fucking kidding me?” dimming my light doesn’t make me negative or a hypocrite, it makes me human. It doesn’t make me less spiritual if I toss around an expletive word from time to time, I’m human. I find cussing to be freeing, does that lessen my core sense of self? hell no. If I didn’t release my pent up emotions and kept them bottled in than my throat chakra would become seriously blocked and God knows a blocked chakra is never good.

Rules are for organized religions and even though those “rules” are literally written in stone  many who claim they walk the way of the Lord are truly the hypocrites with their, “Do as I say, but not as I do.” lifestyle. But I will leave that discussion for another time.

I’ve never been all “love and light” for longer than a couple hours….for one, I wouldn’t be honoring my true authentic self. I want you to take a minute to think about the last time you tried fitting into a social group or gathering, contorting to be what they were (or wanted you to be) or plastering a fake smile on your face all the while hoping that they wouldn’t call you out for being an impostor……it’s simply exhausting. Plus there is absolutely nothing wrong with staying at a neutral vibration and being YOU.

The steps leading me to this point in my life were often steep, at times extremely difficult, on occasion smooth, deathly slippery and more times than not, I walked this path blindly but through the darkness there was one thing that I can say helped me navigate my way through the twist and turns on this journey called life and that was my faith; my faith in God/Source and my connection with my spirit guides. In those moments of darkness I was taught that it was okay to embrace it, not to fear it and to see the beauty within it. I danced with my demons and saw that they to carried scars of the past, broken and beaten they still found the desire to dance despite what ailed them.

Rumi once said,”There is no light without darkness.” boy, how true of a statement that is. Without walking into the darkness I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate the true beauty of the light. Without facing my demons head on, learning to forgive not only myself and those of my past and healing from within I wouldn’t be here, in this place of peace.

A person may choose to live a more spiritual lifestyle but it doesn’t mean that they won’t hesitate to tell you to go f*ck yourself, while smudging you with their sage stick. You have to remember that it took them a long time to get to a place of peace and they will do everything to protect that. Don’t be offended if they don’t engage in your negative rant, or want to entertain you in a conversation. It’s just that your vibration doesn’t resonate with them and you know what, that’s okay.


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