The Mirror to Our Soul


We are who we are. We cannot change what our soul knows especially when it recognizes our divine partner and when this happens the beauty of the Twins’ journey begins.

Many in the Twin Flame community are currently in the place of separation with their Twin Flame wondering when the mind numbing, push and pull will stop and take them from a place of heartache to a place of bliss. Sure, we can go on with our lives, trying our best to ignore the divine connection that we share with our twin and convince ourselves that what we felt was all in our head but what many of us don’t realize is that the universal pull is a lot greater than our 3D way of being and eventually we come to terms with our true divine plan.

I’ll tell you this, separation was meant to happen. Trust me. It’s a hard truth to swallow. As intense and magical that those moments spent reconnecting with your Twin Flame were it was that relationship that will take us further than any soulmate/karmic connection has ever had before. Remember, your twin flame is your perfect eternal best friend and your perfect energetic match.

A few years ago a very wise, beautiful soul named Vida told me that I had already experienced my fair share of soulmate connections. So, why waste my time with another soulmate relationship when I could continue to experience the love of my Twin Flame? She had a point. She advised me to go within, meditate to connect with my twins’ higher self as well as seek my divine team for guidance and to nurture those parts within me that needed healing.

And I did just that….

While deep in meditation not only did I connect with my spiritual guides but I also found myself standing in front of my twin flames higher self. Upon seeing him, tears fell from my eyes, I missed him dearly. “Don’t cry my love.” He said as he cupped my face with his hands while placing a kiss upon my lips. Taking my hand in his he placed it on his chest. The surge of our connection was evident and as we stared into each others eyes it was then we heard the voice of our divine creator.

“Children, you are loved beyond anything you can ever imagine for you have found your way back to one another. You should be joyous not sadden. You are forever bonded by my light. Now go – love. Open up to one another and know in time all will be well.”

“But how?” I asked. “Isn’t loving one another enough?”

“Surrender to truth, move past ego and look towards one another for you both hold the mirrors to your souls.”

The mirror work begins

In order to regain freedom, balance and happiness the first thing to do is to let go and surrender. That is done by removing ego, hate, despair or any lofting thoughts about what you perceived union would be like, tear down those expectations that you placed upon the both of you. You need to face hard truths and work past them, digging deeper into your subconscious and falling into the uncomfortable reality that separation is just an illusion. Surrender to the fact that you both share the same soul blueprint and that you both chose this. Now, are you strong enough to put all these human expectations aside and come together into divine oneness? The answer to that is, hell yeah you are!

Often we look into the mirror that is our twin flame and forget that the image in the mirror is still us. Our twin flame is us. We are one. Just like your twin is not doing anything to you, the mirror is not there only to remind you of all your shortcomings; it is there to help you. If you do your internal work, rest assured that your twin will be doing it too. If you surrender, so will your twin.

What you need to understand is this, your twin already loves you unconditionally but will only reflect back to you as much of the pure love as YOUR heart is able to hold at any given moment. Over time, the mirror effect will start to reflect this love back to you, and you will begin to see yourself as your twin sees you.

For myself even though we were transparent with one another when we were together he taught me courage, which allowed me to make amends to a time in my life that I never wanted to return to. He removed the veil from my own eyes which allowed me to see my worth and in doing so I was able to truly begin to love myself, the way he loves me.

I made a vow to myself that I was going to live a more authentic life, to honor my boundaries, to speak my truth without fear of judgment and in doing so I felt free, happier and at peace with my twin flames choice, he had his own life to live and rediscover himself which he could only do on his own. Sure, I miss him every day and there are days that I’m extremely hard on myself for doing so but I look within for guidance. I reread our journey and our loving words to one another and I trust the process.


Trust me, do not worry about what your twin is or is not doing. Love your twin without reason, without boundaries and conditions, without fear of abandonment or of looking like a fool just remain focused and surrender your need for control.

Many in the twin flame community have reached out to me asking if I have dated anyone since my separation with my twin flame and the answer is no. I have no desire to bring anyone into my life who isn’t my true divine partner. I don’t long or crave the touch of another, I am not lonely or longing for companionship. I’m also not holding onto the hope that my twin flame and I will find ourselves in divine union, that would just cause unnecessary havoc onto myself plus I’ll allow our story to reveal itself on its own.
Would I like for him to contact me? Hell yes…more than anything. I would love to catch up, maybe one day he might reach out either way he is always apart of me regardless of distance, paths or circumstances. Just remember our twin flame offers us much more than just a chance at a relationship they offer us the opportunity to be all that God/Source/Universe intended for us to be.